Using Lines to Get a Girlfriend – How to Attract a Girlfriend

Okay for those guys out there that want to get a girlfriend and feel they need a good pickup line, here are a few to help out. But we will also go over those ones that you should not use, not even jokingly. These bad pickup lines are way too cheesy and will have that girl laughing in your face.

So… some lines to get a girlfriend that you should not use are as follows:

Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my dreams all night long.

Nice dress, it would look better on my floor!

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Hey did you feel that, was it an earthquake? Because you just rocked my world.

These are lines you need to never use on a girl. Don’t even speak them out loud as your reading them, they are just bad advice. They may be funny, but they are not going to get you a girlfriend.

Now for the lines that are something she will find appealing, these lines can attract a girlfriend. These should be a more subtle type of comments, and based on your own personality. If you are a funny guy, don’t say the above remarks… say something more special.

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Even a shy guy can get a girl with a line, but they should use something like asking her opinion on something. Tell them that you need a female’s opinion on a subject, and tell her your story. Finally add a bit of a twist to the story, and ask what she thinks.

Really when you want to use a line to get a girlfriend, it’s not about a line, but your attitude. You can’t come off as a guy who isn’t interested in anything but sex. Remember your trying to get a girlfriend not a one night stand.

So approach the female with confidence and be cool, and try out your line.

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