How To Get A First Girlfriend

Many of us have saw those episodes where Screech Powers from “Saved by the Bell” was always trying to get a girlfriend. In one episode, he was actually reading a book on getting a girlfriend. When it was about to work, the book fell in the water right at “I like your big…” he couldn’t figure it out and the word he chose made the girl push him in the water.

See guys, if you have the wrong words to say, then the guy will push you in that water along with Screech. Being a nerd can definitely make it hard to sweep a girl off of her feet. You’re smart though, right? Nerd plus instructions equals girlfriend! How to get a first girlfriend is exactly what you are going to find in this article. Continue forward to find those instructions…

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How bad do you want to have a girlfriend? Why are you wanting a girlfriend? Are you doing it because you would like to be in a relationship or is it so that you can brag? If you are looking for a girlfriend out of desperation or to look cool in front of your friend, then your chances of getting that girlfriend are not high at all.

You should not label yourself. Would you like to go for a cheerleader for some reason? All of your friends may tell you that you have no chance – you are a nerd. Don’t believe them, ignore them. If you do not care, then she will not care and that is all that matters.

No matter what, you should stay smart. Do not think you have to play dumb to get a girl. You are lovable just the way you are and you should not have to change.

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Yes, maybe a bit of spicing yourself up would help, but you should not get obsessed over it. Getting a girlfriend should not be your top priority.

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